If you are getting bored by reading Old age SEO techniques (like create awesome content), then you will enjoy this, because we are going to share some advanced SEO techniques:

  • Cover the topic with content hubs
  • Improve Time on Site with Animated Images
  • Create Comparison Posts
  • Increase your Pixels on Google’s first page
  • Use Original Images

Cover the topic with Content Hubs

According to SEO experts, approx. 30% of their organic traffic is coming from hubs. 

Now, let’s find out. What’s a content hub?

Creating a mini wikipedia on a single topic is called Content Hub. In the other words, content hub is a collection of branded content about a topic. However, usually a content hub is smaller than a website and bigger than a blog. 

Let’s take an example for better understanding. Consider, if you are creating a Content Hub for Content Marketing, you can cover topics from definition to different strategies, types of Content Marketing and useful tools etc. 

Content Hub can be very useful for beginners, because they don’t need to check different guides. They can learn basics from a single place. 

They are also great for internal linking, because all the topics are related to each other and can easily be linked together.

Also, they are different from normal blog posts. How? 

Firstly, they are not written like a normal blog. They are written differently for better search intent. 

For example, if someone searches for On Page SEO, doesn’t mean he is looking for your opinion on it. 

Instead, they are looking for definition, importance and steps to get started, because most beginners don’t know What is On-page SEO and why it is important. 

And these content hubs are designed to give answers to these FAQ questions

Here we have some examples of Content Hub: 




Improve Time on Site with Animated Images

According to a backlinko, time on a website can affect the Google rankings. 

And a simple and new way to improve it is using animated images. 

Specially, high-res animated images like animated SVGs. These are basically animated GIFs but with much higher quality. 

Here’s an example:

Source: https://gfycat.com/acidicfailingalbacoretuna-megaphone

Another example


It is noticed that animated images stop people from skimming. That way, they will spend more time on your page and read more content. 

Create Comparison Posts

Comparison Keywords are terms that compare different things like:

  • iPhone vs Android 
  • Windows vs Mac
  • WordPress vs Wix

Why should you create comparison posts?

Firstly, people that search for Comparison Keywords aren’t completely unknown from a topic. 

For example, If somebody searching for “WordPress vs Wix” means he knows about these and just wants help to decide, which one would be good for his plan. 

But if somebody searches for “website cms platforms” probably new to development. 

Secondly, they usually are not very competitives. 

You can create a comparison post by comparing “you vs competitor”. For example, Drift has various comparison posts.

And they rank very well. 

Increase your pixels on Google’s first page

Around 32% of all organic clicks goes to #1 result of Google. Which means: there are still lots of click available you can get without ranking on #1.

And this can be possible by taking up more SERP Real Estate. 

Now, What’s SERP Real Estate?

Basically, how many pixels you control on Google’s first page is called SERP Real Estate.

You can get more traffic of a keyword, by controlling more pixels. 

For example, by ranking in a Featured Snippet your SERP Real Estate will be triple. 

You can also use following ways to take up more SERP Real Estate:

  • Medium articles
  • Rich Snippets
  • Youtube Videos
  • Top Stories

Use Original Images

Most of us know that high quality images can make your content better. Which can indirectly affect rankings. 

So, what kind of images can help your rankings?

A recent SEO experiment figured out that duplicate images like stock photos can hurt your page’s rankings. 

So, you should use as many original images as you can. 

Most of the Big Players of SEO work with graphic designers to create super professional screenshots. 

These visuals could increase the chance of getting more backlinks. It may be possible, people might use your visuals in their blog posts and give you a link as a source. 

In the last, we hope that these SEO techniques can help to grow your ranking and traffic. Best of luck.