Definition of Cloud Computing

In simple words, the delivery of computing services such as servers, networks, software and a lot more things via the internet is called Cloud Computing. 

Typically, you only pay for the cloud services you use and can access data from anywhere, anytime, which helps you lower your operating costs and also fulfils your needs to run your business efficiently. 

With the increase in remote work, Cloud Computing has become an important component of businesses. Most of us already use them in daily life such as Microsoft365. 

Organizations who haven’t started using Cloud Infrastructure are struggling. Cloud Computing Services can be used to improve efficiency in different aspects of every business like file sharing, data storage, telecommunications, collaboration with co-workers and more. 

For modernization, more and more businesses are migrating to the cloud. In fact, according to a survey the average employee uses 36 cloud based services in daily life and this number is continuously rising with time. 

Above predictions proved that most successful businesses rely on Cloud Computing to store their data.

You need to make it easy to access your data but at the time, you also need to secure it from threats and this can simply be possible with Cloud Computing Solutions. Let’s Find out how we can store our data using Cloud Computing. 

Best Cloud Computing Solution for Data Storage

We have done our research and finally find a perfect solution for data storage, called Datto. Now, we are going to discuss why we choose this for Data Storage.

Instant Remote from anywhere

As the data is stored on the cloud, employees access it very easily. What they need is login details, secure and stable internet connection and a device. 

This means they can access the data from anywhere and anytime they want. With this feature employees can continuously work effectively, whether they are in office, home or anywhere else. 

Data Security

To secure the data from hackers and malicious activity, they encrypted all the data stored on the cloud. Along with that, Datto has a threat detection feature, which can detect the ransomware and corrupted files.

To stop the spreading of malware, Datto quarantines those files and to make them safe revert files very quickly. With these features, you can feel confident that your data stored on Cloud is secured. 

But, we also recommend multi-layer security for your data, because no method is 100% effective, so even if your organization is using the best Antivirus, you still need to implement some precautions. 

Don’t need to worry about data loss

Everyone worries about their data stored in devices because devices can be stolen, lost or damaged. Whereas if you use Datto, all the data can be stored on the cloud, and can be accessed from any device. 

For example, imagine your device is damaged and you couldn’t recover your data. In this situation, if you store your data on the cloud, you only have to login on your new device and you can access your stored data. 

Access Customization

With Datto, administrators can set the roles for different employees. They can set which employees can access, which files and data. This means only relevant employees would have access to certain data. 

Moreover, administrators can set the policies that when the data will be shared with third parties outside the organization. 

For example, HR files have sensitive and important data about employees and other colleagues shouldn’t have access to that data. With Datto, administrators can put provisions that mean only suitable employees would have access to those files and no one can access those data.

Affordable Cost

With Datto, you only have to pay for the services you need and you can pay via an affordable monthly rate. Also, you won’t have to pay extra for hardware, servers and installation. 

You don’t have to worry about updating and upgrading because your IT support partner will handle that as part of your normal subscription fees. 

Ability to work without Internet Connection

If an employee is working out or working somewhere with limited internet connection. In that case, he can sync the document he needs on his device and can access them to work offline. When the internet will connect all the documents automatically updated and synced with Datto. 

For example, imagine an employee is travelling for a meeting on a train and he needs to work while travelling. He can sync the document for his work and do work during the travel on the train and when the internet will reconnect to his device, the documents will be synced with Datto. 

Reduce Stress

Usually this type of Cloud Computing Solutions like Datto, managed by IT Service Providers, so you don’t need to take extra stress. They will manage all the relevant monitoring, maintenance and upgrading.

Experts of the IT industry use advanced technology to detect serious issues and find solutions for them very quickly. So, when it comes to storing the data you will not worry about it.