Cloud computing is a software model and infrastructure that allows all access to shared pools of servers, storage, networks, and applications.

To be done on a third-party server or a privately-owned cloud it allows for data processing. It makes maximum reliability and speed. Its ease of installation, scalability and low maintenance, this is the greatest benefit. It grows with your needs this way. 

Since 2009, SaaS and IaaS cloud computing has skyrocketed and it’s all around us now. Actually, this on the cloud right now you’re probably reading. 

On just how vital cloud storage for some perspective and here are 8 real-world examples of cloud computing, computing is our daily lives.

Examples of Cloud Storage

Ex: Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail

It seems to grow every day the ordinal number of cloud storage providers. They can provide to clients, each competing over the amount of storage.

At present, in streamlined cloud storage Dropbox is the clear leader, allowing users to access files on any device through its website or application with up to 1 terabyte of free storage.

Gmail, Google’s email service provider, on the other side, come up with unlimited storage on the cloud. We send emails Gmail has revolutionized the way and largely answerable for the increased usage of email in the whole world.

There are a mix of the two in Facebook, an unlimited amount of information that it can store, including videos, and images, on your profile. Be easily accessed on multiple devices, then they can. With their Messenger app Facebook goes a step further, to exchange data which allows for profiles. 

Marketing Cloud Platforms – Examples

Ex: Maropost for Hubspot, Marketing, Adobe Marketing Cloud

An end-to-end digital marketing platform in a marketing cloud for clients to target leads and manage contacts. Easy to use hyper-targeting of leads  and marketing automation are combined in Marketing Cloud. Ensuring emails literally come into the inbox, at the same time, thanks to its advanced email realization capabilities.

More often than not, fulfill a need for personalization by marketing clouds. That demands messaging is more human, this is essential in a market. Your brand is here to help that’s why communicating, will make all the dissimilarity in closing.

Cloud Computing in Education – Examples     

Ex: Ratatype, SlideRocket, Amazon Web Services

Because students already are, education is increasingly adopting advanced technology. To modernize classrooms so in an effort, E learning software that educators have introduced like SlideRocket.

That student can use to build presentations SlideRocket is a platform and submit them. Through web conferencing all in the cloud, Students can even present. Ratatype is another tool used by teachers, offers online typing tests to track their advancement and which helps students learn to type faster. 

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution Amazon’s AWS Cloud for K12 and Primary Education features, for school administration. Allows instructors and students to access teaching and learning software on multiple devices, through the cloud.