Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Server

If your business has grown to the point that you now require dedicated servers, we can advise on and provide the ideal solution for your needs.

After analysing the size of your current workforce, the applications used, your organisation’s security requirements and any regulatory or legislative requirements that you may need to comply with – we will select and source the ideal server for your current and future requirements.

There are several reasons that a business may require their own dedicated server, including:

Business Shaper

All your network security can be managed and monitored from a single device. This allows for highly customisable control down to the device and file level. Set individual permissions for each employee and file or group them by job role, project or device.


A dedicated server means your staff can have access to their documents, emails and even their own personal desktop, no matter which device they are using. This provides your workforce with greater flexibility and facilitates hot-desking.

Service Performance

Avoid the unreliable performance of shared server, particularly if your organisation has a large volume of traffic or operate at multiple locations. A dedicated server is optimised for your organisation’s needs and resources, leading to higher efficiency and reliability.

Operations and management

Managing a data center site can have a significant strain on business owners. With our managed IT services, our data center experts will maintain, improve, and reduce any risks to you with our hands-on approach to managing your data center operations.