Image Source: Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

Every website wants to get traffic from Google, right? How would you do that?

Simply by optimizing your website for Google or by ads. But, what if I can tell you that you can do it without doing SEO or without spending any money on ads. 

Now, some beginners are probably thinking that “Is there any other way to get traffic from Google”?

Yes, there is a way. Some of the experts have used this method to drive traffic to their websites. 

So, let dive into it

Google’s Personal Feed  

Like every social media platform, now Google has it’s personal feed called Google Discover

If you use Google on a laptop or pc, then it may be possible that you haven’t seen this. But if you have Google mobile app or Chrome mobile app that may have noticed this. 

Here’s what it looks like on mobile devices:

I can guess the next question coming into your mind is “What it does and how it works”? 

As you can see it appears under Google’s search box and shows different web pages as cards. You can scroll up and down this list of topics like social media posts. 

You can visit any of the web pages from the list by simply clicking one of them. You will definitely notice that web pages you get are different from other people’s Google Discover feed. This is because recommendations you are getting are based on your search history, products you interacted with before and your interests. 

You can find it everywhere

Sometimes, it also appears in search results. Discover results also show in SERPs under “Interesting finds”. If you click one of them, it will take you to the web page of a website and if you scroll down and click on more stories, a new interface will open. Where you can get more stories and can follow any related topic.

Now, if you use Google’s Pixel phone, you can see it lots of times. You can find them by simply doing a right swipe from your phone’s home screen. 

You are probably wondering, it’s not new, we have seen this in Google News. Top stories of Google News also do the same thing. 

Yes, it looks like Google News, but Google Discover is different. Unlike top stories of Google News, Google Discover doesn’t limit the ranking to what’s published most recently. 

Google also adds videos, match scores of a competition into Discover feed. It also takes the entertainment part like a movie, ticket price, music and detail of an event. 

Discover also has some features similar to Social Media Feed. Facebook feeds show you posts according to your interests, even if you haven’t followed that page. In Google Discover you can follow a topic, like you follow a hashtag on Instagram. 

Google Discover feed also works like Instagram’s explore page. When you open Instagram’s explore page it shows you the images or videos you are interested in, even if you haven’t followed that page. The same thing Discover does, it creates a list of topics according to your interests. 

What Google Discover can do for us

We have discussed “What is Google Discover and how it works”, but we still have a doubt. Why is it important?

The main reason is traffic. Google Discover can drive traffic to your website. Along with that it can help your business to grow as a brand with impressions.

Let’s take an example. Have you heard that impression can build your brand?

Of course, they can. Impressions can help your business to grow as a brand and larger your brand, the easier it is to rank on Google. Even some believe that brand can impact more than links and domain authority. 

So, all of the impressions you can generate are great because they will build your brand. All of these factors are proof that optimization for Google Discover is not a bad deal. 

How to generate traffic from Google Discover

Luckily, it’s not as difficult as SEO, but again not so that you can get it overnight. You have to do some efforts to get traffic and impressions from Google Discover. 

Here are 4 tips that can help:

  1. Be sure to use high quality images. Using high quality and relevant images are proof that your content is important. Just like headlines and titles, try to use images which are eye catching. 
  2. Content is king, but if your content is not worthy you won’t show up. Check which topics Google picking to add in Google discover. If you find something related to your niche, take suggestions and create similar content. But don’t copy them, use Skyscraper technique and create better content.
  3. Pick the right keywords. Keywords with high volume of traffic are more likely to get a place in Google Discover. So, don’t start writing until you have the right keywords to target. 
  4. Choose Content topics which are trending, topics with growing interest and also focus on eye catching headlines and titles.