Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud-based office application. With Office 365 you can manage Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and many more from any of the devices such as PC, Mac or Tablet. 

With a subscription license for each user to use them on a maximum of five PCs, Macs or Tablets at the same time. 

Add New User in Office 365

Now, we are going to discuss how you can add a new user in Office 365. When a new employee is hired by your company, you need to add them to your Microsoft 365 Business subscription as a new user. 

For that, you need to login into Microsoft 365 admin center. First of all, open your web browser and search with Office365 and open the official website ( As shown in the image below. 

After that, you have to sign in with your username and password. Make sure you are signing in with the Admin account because only the admin can add a new user.

After signing in, you will see some options, select Admin to open the Admin Center of Office 365. 

From Admin Center, we have two options. In the first option, we have to go to Users from left hand-side options and click on Active Users. Then “Add a user”. 

If you go with the second option, you can select Add user from User management. Both options will open the same interface. 

In this page, fill in the basic information like First name, last name. When you fill in the first name and last name, the display name fills in automatically. 

After that, fill the username and select the domain. Please note, if you have more than one domain, select the domain in which you wanna add this user. 

Next, you have options for password settings. “Auto-generate password” and “Let me create the password”.

As the words, if you choose “Auto-generate password” it will automatically generate a password and if you go with “Let me create the password” then you have to create the password. 

Now by selecting the next option, you can also require the new user to set a new password when they sign in for the first time. You can also check the next check box, if you wanna send a password via email. 

After selecting all the options, select “Next”.

On the next page, you have to your location. 

And then select the product license, you wanna give to the user. If you have a number of product licenses, all will be shown here. You can select anyone you wanna assign to a user. 

Now, select “Next” for the next step.

In the next step, you can role for the user. If you make this user administrator, you can do that under roles. To do this, expand “Roles” and uncheck the “User (no administrator access)” checkbox and select admin role.  

In the profile info, you can fill in the other details like the user’s Job profile, Department, Office and many more. If you don’t wanna fill it, leave this part as it is or you can fill this later. 

Now click “Next”. On the next page, review all the information then finish adding. 

And then choose “Close” and that’s it. 

To verify that the new user has been created, click “Users” and select “Active users”. 

You will see a list of Active users and the new user should be in the list with username and license. 

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment section.