Have you ever asked a marketer or business owner “What do they like the most in this world?”. If you ever did, they probably answered you “more customers or more traffic to your website. 

There are so many ways you can implement to increase your website traffic, but we are going to explain some techniques which actually work. 

Here are the tips: 

Target Right Topics

There is no doubt that SEO is a long term strategy. You have to invest your time to see results. For as long as you are ranking high in SERPs, you will be able to generate lots of traffic. 

To rank higher in Google, you need to write about what people are searching for. In other words, topics with good search volume. 

You can apply these two ways to get started: 

Focus on low competitions keywords 

Pick a Keyword research tool and search with your keyword. It will give you several keyword ideas related to your topic. 

Now, filter the list of keywords with search volume minimum 1000 per month and keyword difficulty upto 10. 

This will give you the manageable list of low competition keywords with a good search volume. 

According to your need, you can apply different filters. 

Find Low hanging Content ideas

First of all, what is low hanging content? Content that can easily rank higher is called Low hanging Content. 

To find low hanging again you have to use the Keyword research tool. Pick a broad topic and find content ideas which are generating lots of traffic but having no or few backlinks. 

Pick the list and choose which content idea is relevant to your business and you can add that in your blog content. 

Leverage Guest Blogging

In simple words, Guest Blogging is a tactic in which a blogger writes content for others and the site owner allows to add a link to the blogger’s website or blog.  

However, Guest blogging not only gives you more backlinks it also sends traffic to your site and increases brand awareness. 

But, Guest blogging has the biggest challenge and that is finding blogs which are willing to accept your guest blogs. 

Most SEOs use Google search operators and search these sites with “write for us” and “become a contributor”. 

But, do you know there is a problem with this tactic? The process we use to find Guest blogging sites is time-consuming. Another thing is we all follow this technique and everyone gets the same results. As a result, the editor or site owner often receives lots of requests and often ignores most of them. 

Here is the solution to this issue. Don’t just rely on search engines to find guest blogging sites. Most websites don’t show it but they also accept guest posts.

After all, who doesn’t want content for free? 

Find a website that has written about a particular topic, because the chances are they will accept the guest post about the similar topic.  

Again a Keyword research tool can help. Search with your target keyword and export the list. 

You don’t have to contact all of them. Filter the list with domain authority and choose websites according to your level, because the higher the DR, the more challenging the editorial guidelines tend to get. 

Content Promotion in relevant communities

Online relevant communities are places where you can promote your content and show your content in front of your target audience. 

You can find these communities on Facebook groups, Reddit, Forums, Slack means everywhere.

Like this

And this

Let’s take the example of Facebook groups. Find a facebook group relevant to your business or industry. 

You have to start interacting with people and be active in the group, because it is a good way to build trust in the community. It also builds a good relationship between you and the group admin. 

Which can further help you while requesting to admin for self promotion content. 

Give answers on Quora

Quora is a famous Q&A site where people ask questions and other people give answers to those questions. 

You can go there and answer the questions related to your niche and in return this will build your authority and generate traffic to your website. 

For better results, you should answer at least 10 questions per week in your niche. 

The real question is: does Quora send target audience or sales to you?

The short answer is : Yes. But you have to do marketing in the right way. 

Here are tips you can implement: 

Answer question that can actually send traffic

Quora is a user-generated site which means all the content is generated by users. Millions of questions are asked on Quora and not all the questions can send traffic. So, you need to find the right questions which can generate traffic to your website. 

So, how can you find these questions? 

Go to ahrefs.com, enter quora.com and got to site explorer. Then click on Top pages and you will get the pages with high authority means pages which are getting most of the traffic.

More traffic means more chances these pages can send referral traffic to the websites. 

For a more specific list, you can filter the list with your target keyword. For example, your target keyword is SEO, filter the list with SEO and give answers on top pages. 

Answering Strategy

There is no secret that if you want people to stick with your answer, upvote your answer and click on your link, you have to write a compelling copy. 

Fortunately, there are several copywriting formulas available, which can help to create an awesome piece of content. Here we are going to explain AIDA:

Attention: Write an eye-catching introduction to catch their attention.

Interest: Make their interest by adding stories, facts and examples. 

Desire: Make them desire the product. 

Action: Take your strategies to action. 

For more details you can check this guide

Additional tips for better Quora answer: 

  • You should also add useful links to provide value, because if you only link back to your site, Quora moderators can ban you. 
  • By adding images you can capture the attention of a user while they are scrolling Quora feed.

Update Old Content:- 

You could keep writing and producing new content to get more traffic but it’s a time consuming task. 

Instead of producing new content, you can update your outdated content because it takes less time and delivers faster results. 

When you update your outdated content and tell Google about it, you will see a boost in your traffic, because Google loves quality over quantity. 

Here are the other benefits you will get by updating old content:-

  • It improves your click-through rate, which can further affect your ranking.
  • Improves the freshness of your entire website. 
  • It can increase Domain Authority by removing broken links. 
  • Give you the opportunity to build links with better and updated resources. 
  • You can share and promote your content again. 

On Page SEO:-

On Page SEO is one of the simplest techniques that can improve your ranking and traffic but most of us don’t take it seriously. 

I also totally ignore it in the beginning and totally focus on Off-page but soon I understand that On Page is also a part of the game. 

Especially for new websites, when nobody knows about your organization/brand, this can help you to stand and get your first users. 

And, I promise you will see the result if you do it carefully. 

Here are some of the basics of On Page SEO, you should focus on:-

  • Website Speed 
  • Optimize Tags (Title, Description, Meta robots)
  • Better Content (again remember quality over quantity rule)
  • Keep eye on Indexing and Crawling
  • Inbound and Outbound links
  • Mobile Friendly

Listing on Local Directories:-

Another simple and easy tactic for generating traffic. It also works great for beginners. This technique helps you build the base of Off page SEO because this can give you foundation links of your site.

Most of these Websites give backlink to your website and send you target traffic. Which means by listing your business on free Local Directories (For example:- Google my business, bing places, Yelp, etc.) you can also get Local customers.  

Now it’s your turn. We hope these tips can help you to generate more traffic. If you need any help, feel free to ask in the comments below. Best of Luck.