From great events to perfect designs, sometimes I open the newsletter and am surprised how the brand subdivides me into such an accurate list. 

Email lists are an important aspect of any marketing strategy because they enable marketers to target the right subscribers and increase potential customers. 

An example of this is segmenting blog subscribers and submitting specific blog posts to this list only based on criteria you set (such as their past interests or purchases). 

In order to personalize marketing emails and increase return on investment, email list management is a key step in marketing. You can help your team generate potential customers while creating a more enjoyable and personalized customer experience. 

Mailing List Software 

Using mailing list software or other email management tools is an easy way to segment your audience, send targeted emails, and analyze the email metrics that are most important to your team (click-through rate, number of subscribers, etc.). Usually, email and mailing list management tools provide reliable information and tips on how to increase your return on investment through email. 

In order to save you the trouble of finding the best email list management software tool, we have done the heavy work for you. Check out the best email list management software tools below. 

1. HubSpot Email Marketing Tool 

Price: Free, 45 USD/month (entry version), 800 USD/month (professional version), 3,200 USD/month (enterprise version). 

Using HubSpot’s email marketing tools, you can create, personalize and Optimize all marketing emails without code. , Designer, IT or other technical support. 

With HubSpot, it’s easy to increase your return on investment because the tool can help you create and automate personalized emails for each recipient. HubSpot’s email marketing tools can also be used in conjunction with your CRM platform. This means that the data you need to personalize your email is within reach and kept up-to-date. 

Test different A/B versions of your email to determine which version converts the most recipients, and then analyze all email activity data to continuously improve your email marketing strategy. 

2. Zapier 

Price: Free, 19.99 USD/month (beginner), 49 USD/month (professional), 299 USD/month (team), 599 USD/month (commercial). 

With Zapier, you can easily create and create email workflow electronic Mail, which syncs with apps such as Dropbox and Gmail-automate your email marketing strategies and activities. 

Zapier allows you to import subscriber lists from Facebook, Eventbrite, or Google Sheets so that you can quickly send emails to the right people. Finally, share and back up your Zapier data to Google Sheets to analyze your email activity and collaborate with your team. 

3. OptinMonster

Price: 14 USD/month (Basic), 30 USD/month (Plus), 47 USD/month (professional version), 49 USD/month (increase) 

OptinMonster provides an email form template that allows you to decide how to configure your E-mail electronic devices target different customer groups. The tool supports multiple activity structures and provides different switches for the indicators you choose to track and analyze. OptinMonster can easily ensure that the workflow you establish is suitable for the type of marketing activity you are implementing. 

4. Campaign Monitor 

Price: 9 USD/month (Basic), 29 USD/month (unlimited), 149 USD/month (advanced) 

Campaign Monitor is ideal for creative professionals managing email campaigns-it simplifies Email marketing management process from multiple accounts. The tool also provides email customization, email template builder, RSS email, A/B testing and analysis, so you can manage all aspects of your email marketing strategy with one tool. 

5. Mailchimp 

Price: Free, 9.99 USD/month (Essentials), 14.99 USD/month (standard), 299 USD (premium) 

Mailchimp is a marketing platform with various functions for email, e-commerce, marketing activities, audience management and marketing Kind of tool automation. The software allows you to easily brand, design and personalize all emails. 

Pre-made templates and drag-and-drop builders make the process of creating emails easy and efficient. You can set up automation to trigger and send your email based on meeting certain conditions (for example, when someone subscribes to your blog). There are some transactional email options that you can have Mailchimp send automatically after purchase, registration, etc. 

Mailchimp also tracks and visualizes the success of your email campaigns in real time through an internal dashboard so that you can keep an eye on the metrics that are most important to your team. 

6. Constant Contact 

Price: $10/month (Website Builder), $20/month (email), $45/month (Email Plus), $195/month (Ecommerce Plus) 

Constant Contact provides customizable email templates- you can use one-click to easily create and design emails. The tool comes with open rate tracking, click-through rate tracking and social media integration (so your email and your social activities and contacts are integrated). 

7. ActiveCampaign 

Price: 9 USD/month (Lite Edition), 49 USD/month (Plus), 129 USD/month (Professional Edition), 229 USD/month (Enterprise Edition)

ActiveCampaign can help you create personalized emails and segments and customer lists and activity reports so that you can analyze your results. You can create broadcast emails, trigger emails, target emails, and email funnels. 

Automate the process of sending emails by scheduling in advance. The tool also allows you to test emails before sending them, and automatically respond to emails based on the standard configuration you set.

Last Words

Identify the right mailing list software for your team and start creating, customizing, sending, tracking, and analyzing your business’s marketing emails.

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