Want to test the speed of your WordPress site and work hard to make it faster? 

This is a big thing to think about, because Google’s Core Web Vitals can now be used for organic rankings. This means you need a fast website to compete for search engine rankings.

So how do you run a WordPress website speed test? What is the best tool to get advice to increase speed? Keep reading our top picks. 

Regarding Core Web Vitals + Website Speed

First, let’s talk about why website speed is so important now.

In June 2021, Google began rolling out search algorithm updates including Core Web Vitals. Core Web Vitals is a set of three metrics that measure the speed and ease of use of your website. 

If your site’s score on Core Web Vitals is lower than its competitors, they may appear in the resulting search engines. 

It is very important to provide you with an advantage. 

Here are 5 tools to help you speed up your website and get the highest score on Core Web Vitals. 

Help you evaluate the speed of your website. 

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MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin. No need to edit the code to help set up the analysis. You can also use the plugin to add advanced tracking features, such as e-commerce tracking, GDPR compliance, form conversion tracking, etc., with just a few clicks.

In addition, it regularly evaluates your website speed and provides you with reports directly in your WordPress. 

First, download and install the MonsterInsights plug-in with a license level of Plus or higher. Next, use the setup wizard to connect Google Analytics to WordPress. For more details, check out our tutorial on adding Google Analytics to your WordPress site. 

After setting up, go to Insights»Reports»Site Speed. 

Here you will see your overall score, load time per second, and the "how to improve" section for developers. You can use the switch in the upper left corner to view the speed of the mobile device or the speed of the desktop. 


IsltWP is a popular tool, you can use it to determine whether the website uses WordPress, and the theme it uses. In addition, they also have a complete set of tools, guides and resources on WordPress, including WordPress website speed test tools. 

Just enter your website URL to get load time reports, performance ratings, and more. In addition, it will provide you with many suggestions for improving page speed. 

PageSpeed ​​Insights

Using Google Pagespeed Insights is easy-just paste your URL into the tool and click analyze. 

The tool will provide you with a general number between 1 and 100 to evaluate your page speed, and will break down the speed you need to improve (you can send this information to your developers). 

Also, be sure to switch to the desktop in the upper left corner to see your speed. By default, the tool will first display the speed of your mobile device. 


Siteground is a popular WordPress hosting service provider with its own WordPress tools. Its SG Optimizer plug-in provides caching and other optimization tools, as well as a speed test tool. 

To find a speed test tool, please install the SG Optimizer plugin. After installation, find SG Optimizer in the navigation bar on the sidebar. Then you will find the speed test tool in the tab

Once you click on the speed test tab, you can analyze any page on your website. It will provide you with an overall score and suggestions to speed up your website: 


Lighthouse is a Google Chrome tool that is a bit more advanced than the other tools we have been reviewing. It is designed for developers. To access it, open the developer tools in Google Chrome and go to the Lighthouse tab: 

The benefit of this particular report is that it gives you scores on multiple aspects of the site: performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and progressive Web application… 

As you scroll down, you will get a list of opportunities to optimize each area. We hope you find this list of WordPress website speed test tools useful to you.

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