Chat GPT is an AI chatbot auto-generative system created by Open AI for online customer care. It is a pre-trained generative chat, which makes use of (NLP) Natural Language Processing. The source of its data is textbooks, websites, and various articles, which it uses to model its own language for responding to human interaction.

This chatbot system provides information and responses to inquiries through AI. The popular version of chat GPT is the GPT-3 model.

Features of Chat GPT

The main feature of Chat GPT is generating responses like those humans would provide, in a text box. Therefore, it is suitable for chatbots, AI system conversations, and virtual assistants. It can also give natural answers to questions in a conversational tone, and can generate stories and poems. Moreover, Chat GPT can:

Write a code
Write an articles
Write a story/poem

Training Sources

Chat GPT relies on NLP (Natural Language Processing). It’s an excellent tool for researchers and developers working on various NLP projects, and it has many specific tasks, domains, and applications available to work within. In fact, it is well-trained on biased and unbiased data, so much so that Chat GPT can reproduce data outputs and clear reliability – crucial for many sensitive apps and other valuable Al systems.

As humans we are, more and more, interacting with Al-powered machines, and Chat GPT is a revolution in the field of Al. It is a robust model and particularly advanced thanks to its deep-learning capabilities and NLP. Ultimately, it can generate human-like answers and is easily understandable to users.

Registration for Chat GPT

To register to Chat GPT, you can use one of your existing email IDs and mobile number and then follow these easy steps to get registration done. Take note that Chat GPT price options now include a professional plan, should you need consistent, unfettered access.

The following are the steps:

  1. Go to the login page in a browser.
  2. Create an AI account, click on sign up and enter your email id; for example, if you have a Gmail id and then click on Google, it automatically registers to your Google account.
  3. Then next, press the continue button, and it asks for your mobile number for verification.
  4. Then you receive a code on your mobile number, and it may charge you to get a code.
  5. Go to sms activation. Register and log in
  6. In the up-right corner, under the balance, select the top-up balance option to recharge.
  7. Scrolling down at the end, you have some options. Click to recharge.
  8. After recharging, go back to the home page and find Al services in the search box.
  9. Press the shopping cart button. Your country code mobile number is mentioned.
  10. Copy that mobile number and enter it in the Chat GPT mobile number verification section. Send code via sms.
  11. You receive a code. That’s your verification code. Enter this code in the Open AI box to complete the process.
  12. Choose the main reason why you register it. Such as, I am using it to explore features.
  13. In case of failure, change the mobile number of another country and then try again.